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Our music


Here's a video from 2016 that explains a bit about our music..

Our Music - It's More Than You Think

When Barbershop singing became an organized pastime (in 1938) Quartets usually sang the popular songs of the day; songs like "Sweet Adeline" or "Coney Island Babe". In the years that followed Choruses formed and  we sang anything written by Irving Berlin - or about "Dixie" or "Ireland". People can be forgiven for assuming that we're still in that mode. 

Well, today's Quartets and Choruses are far more likely to be singing songs from movies and Broadway - or something by The Beatles!  Recent Barbershop performances have featured songs by Billy Joel and Andrew Lloyd Webber; songs from such shows as "Newsies", "Toy Story", "Phantom" and "Hunchback". We love and sing the sweet old ballads but almost everything we sing now has been professionally arranged by very talented musicians. 

We strive for excellence, rehearsing for hours just to perfect a phrase or progression. But our music is also great fun and we enjoy every minute that we're rehearsing or performing. 

For a formal definition of the Barbershop style, please click on this link

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