The Sarasota Chorus of the Keys members are Trustees of the Sheridan E. Brown Scholarship  Fund. The members grant Scholarships to male High School seniors in public and private High Schools located in Sarasota and Manatee Counties with outstanding musical achievement, who plan to attend college and include a course of vocal or instrumental music as part of their curriculum.

Applications may be accepted at any time but no later than March 15th of the applicant's senior year. Scholarships will be available to the winners at the college of their choice.


INSTRUCTIONS: The attached Application Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted (simply press APPLY) along with a copy of the Student's transcript and official SAT score no later than March 15th of the Senior year. To submit the transcript and SAT, just scan the documents and email them to Dick Anderson at

PREREQUISITE: The applicant must be a male High School Senior who plans to include vocal or instrumental music in his curriculum during the first semester at college in the fall following graduation from High School.

The applicant must have a record of achievement in vocal or instrumental participation/performance in school, church or other outside organization.

Academic and outside activities will be considered.

The application process may include an interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee shortly after the March 15th application deadline.  

All applicants will be informed, by mail, of the results of this process.

Successful applicants will be requested to attend a short presentation on a Tuesday evening during a Chorus Rehearsal. A photo will be taken and approval for a Press Release will be requested.

Questions and concerns should be addressed to:

Jeffry R. Olesen

P.O. Box 51751 Sarasota FL 34232-0314

Tel: 305-298-8432



Scholarship Application  

Thanks for submitting!

Note: The complete Application must be received at this email address ( no later than March 15th of your Senior year. A copy of your current High School transcript including your GPA and evidence of your highest SAT Score must also be scanned and emailed. You may be requested to attend an interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee.